May 22-25 | Boston, MA
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This educational track is right up your alley if you want to learn more about trends in smart, connected service. Discover how to gain a competitive edge by using data from smart, connected products to improve your service delivery.

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Below is a Sample List of Sessions. Full Agenda Coming Soon.

Service Transformation: New Ways to Grow Your Business for Less
Elizabeth Gaither, ServiceMax
Across many industries, innovation is creating powerful synergies between connected devices, the cloud, and business applications.

At the same time, global competition is unrelenting and when product margins are under pressure, manufacturers and service providers must look for new ways to drive their businesses growth. Learn how companies are embracing digital transformation and leveraging service as a key area of that transformation to drive efficiency, profits and customer experience.

Going From SPO to SPM Makes A World of Difference
Dean Herdt, Capgemini & Michael Mohesky, The Boeing Company
Our team has 25+ stand-alone Service Planning & Optimization (SPO) instances, each with their own unique set of users, planning logic, & interfaces as the foundation of spare parts forecasting, optimization and planning for customers across the world. After an exhaustive evaluation cycle, we chose PTC’s Service Parts Management (SPM) 11.3 suite to replace their legacy SPO technology.

The A to Z of Parts Pricing and Inventory
Jon Utterback, Barkawi Management Consultants
Finding a balance between developing a profitable pricing strategy while building customer loyalty is a challenge for many aftersales divisions. Countless factors, such as lifecycle considerations, and competition can critically impact the price model. We will review trending issues in parts pricing and show you how to create an effective pricing strategy. We’ll touch on best practices based on our expertise and experience with countless clients as well as how to best incorporate Service Parts Management techniques such as forecasting into your Service Parts Pricing strategy.

How Augmented Reality is Really Changing OEM’s Reality
Dave Duncan, PTC
In our smart, connected world it is more important than ever to have a strong foundation of digital service content to support OEM equipment. Customers are demanding more and more interactive and immersive experiences that help them maintain, operate and optimize the performance of their assets.

Join us and explore the exciting possibilities that are emerging with technologies like Augmented Reality. We will share examples of how companies are starting with Digital Service Content and taking their first step on the service transformation journey. In addition, we will be joined by two leading program directors who have found success in their journey.

Delight Customers and Gain Their Loyalty for Life
Jim Sweeney, PTC
Gaining visibility into existing data from your products is a significant milestone toward advanced service transformation. Leveraging solutions like Remote Service, Predictive Service with smart, connected products deliver major advantages when performing high value customer service. These become the foundation to advanced service contracts that delight customers and build lifetime customer loyalty.

Join us for this session as we review the exciting PTC solutions that empower you on your journey to connected service. In addition, we will be joined by two connected service pioneers who are finding success paving the way forward.

What’s the Best Path to Take on the Service Journey?
Keith Gargiulo, PTC & Felisa Palagi, PTC
Every day you’re reminded to improve service in order to drive more revenue and to exceed customers’ increasing expectations. You believe smart connected service has real potential to do this.

However, with so many service use cases, new business models, and smart connected innovations, it can be overwhelming and challengingd to pick your path. How do you focus and provide your team a direction in order to realize your vision? During this presentation we will articulate three tried and true service journey pathways that deliver incremental and long term value.

You’ll hear multiple PTC client success stories and learn from their experience how to make the most successful service transformation.

Managing the World of Spare Parts
Steven Caldwell, PTC & Mike Landtry, Barkawi North America
The complexities of the modern supply chain raise several challenges for managing a global inventory of spare parts. A sophisticated tool like PTC Service Parts Management delivers multiple advantages.

The right partner -like Barkawi- can provide expert guidance as you make strategic decisions that will impact parts availability, forecasting and customer satisfaction in an enormous way. We will review trending issues in parts management and discuss how to create an effective parts management strategy.

And we will share exciting advancements in the SPM solution and the exciting momentum in the market. Joining us will be two industry leaders using PTC SPM solution to strong results.

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