May 22-25 | Boston, MA
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The Future of Retail

Start your journey to digital transformation at LiveWorx. Explore this educational event and learn from global retail leaders, world class brands and industry peers about the technologies that are transforming how products are designed, sourced and delivered to market.

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Kick-Start Your Journey: Your Path to Digital Transformation Starts Here
Eric Symon, PTC
The Retail and Consumer Products market is undergoing a massive digitally-enabled transformation, including; optimizing the consumer experience, added pressure around time-to-market and increased connectivity and collaboration with supply chain partners. PTC Retail Leadership shares our retail strategy and best practices on how to compete effectively in today's digital world.

Talkin' About Our Next Generation
Quach Hai, PTC
Experience first-hand PTC’s next-generation PLM solution and suite of solutions for the retail industry. Discover new capabilities, features and functionality.

Global Retail Technology Market Trends & Predictions
Arthur Zaczkiewicz, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) & Eric Symon, PTC
Briefing on the state of play of the global retail market including trends, challenges, opportunities and the latest technologies playing a crucial role in transforming the retail industry.

Digital Transformation & Disruption in Fashion and Retail
Mark Harrop, WhichPLM
Living the fast-paced lives we live now, it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come. In the mid ‘80s, the IBM XTs and PS2s made their way into use for early CAD and PDM solutions, and the beginnings of Fashion’s digital revolution were born. Apple subsequently branched out, introducing and improving upon other digital appliances, first into consumer electronics and music distribution with the iPod, and then into the world of mobile phones. Based upon what we know today, this was when the IoT (Internet of Things) rally came to be, allowing connected users to share their data and become truly social. Ever since, social media use has been on the up, helping to promote luxury fashion brands, RTW, e-tailers, and bricks and mortar high-street stores.

This session is designed to show the current Fashion technology landscape discussing: the use of virtual assistants; real-time trend; dynamic planning and virtual design; 2D-3D design and development; synthetic costing; digital printing; spreading and cutting; advancements in RFID and robotics; supply-chain logistics; and virtual and augmented reality, all transforming to improve the connected retail experience.

Case Study: Connecting the Dots - Successfully Integrating the Supply Chain
Jim Welch, EVP/GM and Jarred Lucas, Director of Business Development, Nexgen Packaging
In today's fast fashion world, retailers understand the key elements that impact their ability to deliver timely, in-demand products to their customers. Critical to delivering on this goal is having the visibility into, and understanding of, garment components and their impact on lead times and delivery dates. Join executives from Nexgen Packaging and PTC who will explore how to successfully integrate PTC’s FlexPLM and Nexgen Packaging solutions to improve supply chain visibility, connectivity and engagement with vendor communities.

Consumer Product Case Study: Accelerating the Pace of Product Innovation and Development with FlexPLM
Brian Silva, Hasbro & Scott Martin, PTC
As the value chain continues to globalize, increasing complexities present many challenges for companies, including communication and process visibility. Join executives from Hasbro - the third largest toy maker in the world who will share stories, lessons learned and best practices conveying how PLM improved communication, process visibility and control across in-house and global supply chain operations. Executives will also discuss how integration of PLM within their businesses helped them to improve agility, exceed expectations, drive revenue and collaboratively bring new, profitable products to market faster.

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Next-Gen Tech to Develop Truly Trend-driven Fashion
Eric Symon, PTC, Megan Coale, Vera Bradley, Jim Shea, First Insight, & Monte Riehl, Sportmaster
Join a panel of retail technology executives, industry thought-leaders and design/product development experts who will discuss the plan-and-create stages of the fashion product lifecycle, including how to better capitalize on trends to feed stronger assortment planning and design, and explore in more detail the shift toward digital tools and methods across design and product development processes.

Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress: How David’s Bridal Develops the Right Product, At the Right Time, Faster with Consumer-Driven Predictive Analytics
Mark Chrystal, David’s Bridal and Gretchen Jezerc, VP Marketing & Product Management, First Insight
Markdowns and excess inventory keep escalating every year. Even experienced merchants struggle to select products that will win in the market. Leveraging the power of predictive analytics, retailers and brands can identify which products will resonate best with customers and make better decisions armed with both history-based planning tools and the voice of the customer.

Join First Insight and David’s Bridal to learn how incorporating the voice of the customer into assortment and planning decisions can significantly reduce markdowns and increase margins.

Discussion points include how to:
- Reduce markdowns by more accurately forecasting demand, AUR price and margin for each item.
- Cut product testing and sampling costs and increase new product success rates using customer-powered predictive analytics.
- Leverage your PLM investment by integrating with ThingWorx Advanced Analytics and real-time consumer input for optimized line planning.

Unlocking Retail Analytics
Benjamin Robbins, Senior Consultant, Professional Services, PTC
For Retail, footwear and apparel companies with mature IT environments there is an untapped resource of valuable data and metrics that can be leveraged to make decisions around assortment, supplier analytics and operational efficiency.

The ThingWorx IoT platform can be leveraged as a data gathering platform to provide these analytics, that are typically inaccessible due to the source data being captured in disparate systems. We will examine a suggested approach and sample analytics/metrics.

PTC Connected PLM Strategy for Retail and Consumer Products
Brion Carroll, PTC & Quach Hai, PTC
Join PTC Retail Executives for insight into PTC’s connected PLM strategy for retail and consumer products companies. The digital consumer and fast fashion are redefining retail. Designing products that consumer want and bringing them to market is more complex and competitive than ever. Now is the time to transform your business to meet these challenges. You need bold new solutions to enable this transformation. Begin your retail transformation journey now with PTC.

Digitizing Design and Product Development
Quach Hai, Product Management & Senior Director, PTC and Yoram Burg, Regional Director EFI/Optitex
Session will explore the shift toward digital tools and methods across design and product development processes to improve speed to market, drive innovation and enable better communication.

Panel Discussion: Utilizing PLM and IoT Strategies to Unlock Supply Chain Visibility and Responsiveness
Mark Harrop, WhichPLM, Patrick Javick, GS1 US, Jim Welch, Nexgen Packaging, Brad Thomas, PTC, Steve Riordan, Kalypso & Exec from major retailer
Join a panel of retail PLM executives, IoT experts, industry analysts and supply chain professionals who will discuss the ‘source’ and ‘produce’ lifecycle stages, and explore how to unlock valuable insights through a connected IoT-enabled supply chain to optimize production and improve costing and quality.

Configuring the FlexPLM BOM to be Used for Your Hard Goods QA Specification and PIMS System
Scott Clement, Colony Brands
Colony Bands configured the FlexPLM Bill of Materials (BOM) so it could be used to write hard goods product specifications. We added special fields to the BOM/integration to automatically feed key attributes to our sales website. To enable this, Flex feeds a datawarehouse using an integration. The datawarehouse feed the other company systems. We will share as a result of this project we were able to eliminate two existing systems and avoided buying a PIMS software solution.


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