May 22-25 | Boston, MA
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Leading manufacturers recognize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of manufacturing with the advent of the Digital Factory, presenting them with new challenges. At LiveWorx, you’ll attend sessions specific to the issues faced by manufacturers around the world. 

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Below is a Sample List of Sessions. Full Agenda Coming Soon.

Threading the Digital Value Chain Needle
Robert Ibe, General Electric - Industrial Solutions
We will share the solution strategy that enabled our digital thread solution connecting CAD, PLM, ERP and MES pillar applications to enable digital manufacturing. We’ll outline multiple use cases supporting make to stock, configure to order and engineer to orderflows.

Additionally, we’ll highlight business challenges and application limitations that need to be overcome to meet all business requirements.

When Only a Brilliant Factory is Good Enough
Brian Perlstein, General Electric
GE's Brilliant Factory Digital Lab embodies GE’s Digital Industrial strategy as a showcase to demonstrate the use of technology, automated solutions and predictive analytics for manufacturing, in a micro manufacturing environment.

We will share the journey we’re taking to build a Brilliant Factory, leveraging GE's Digital Industrial operating system, Predix, GE's commercial applications, and by building the partner ecosystems that includes PTC.

Putting Smart Phones in Charge of Household Appliances Everywhere
Yogesh Khanzode, Whirlpool Corporation & Haribabu Nallani, Whirlpool Corporartion
Whirlpool strategically implemented the IoT to achieve product leadership in the home appliance domain with its vision "Best Branded Consumer Products…. In Every Home Around the World".

As part of this journey to transform the company’s relationship with customers, Whirlpool Global Information System (GIS) team is actively contributing to achieve this mission by development and testing for iOS and Android Apps along with web applications for Whirlpool Smart Connected Products. Learn how Whirlpool GIS approached testing and validation of mobile iOS and Android apps with test automation. We will share the methodology and the roadmap to handle dynamic requirements and how to anticipate future integrations.

Mashing-Up Multiple Data Streams to Create a Torrent of Information
Jasna Camper, Moen
We will review the lessons learned and best practices discovered when developing a mashup that streams live data from several PLC controllers via a Kepware KepServerEX. The mashup uses a repeater to display data for several PLC controllers that are all instances of a Thing Template so that a single mashup can be used, with the mashup displaying unique information from each controller.

We’ll show how the company mapped controller tags to ThingWorx properties, how they bound those properties to individual controller thing properties, and how they use a scheduler to calculate formulas on the data input to display information like rates, times, hit ratio, etc.

IoT and Augmented Reality Control Dangerous Robots
Konrad Drozka, Transition Technologies PSC
We’ll share a case study that describes how AR was applied to hazardous robots operations and maintenance in the automotive production of Fiat Chrysler Poland.

We’ll discuss the background of the project in relation to the robots market, and share guidelines on how we should identify and recognize the needs and how to implement IoT and AR projects.

Creating Scalable IoT Models Help Open Up Opportunities. And Car Doors
Justin Hester, HIROTEC Corporation
At LiveWorx 2016, we presented our initial IoT strategy, and plans to rollout a small scale test of ThingWorx in a six week project sprint.

Building on the success of the initial project, We will share details on the next phase of the project to successfully implement three projects utilizing ThingWorx and Kepware software. We’ll share how HIROTEC successfully implemented full data visualization into operational, quality, and reporting data across an entire automotive door production line. The quick implementation was made possible by the company’s strategy of creating scalable IoT models and strategy.

New Apps For Smarter, Faster Factories
Mark Gallant, PTC & JP Provencher, PTC
The manufacturing segment from PTC will introduce our new starter apps for the factory.

The starter apps will support the manufacturing journey outcomes of:

1. Unified Connectivity, which provides one unified data source centralizing real-time operational information from disparate production assets, sensors, systems and external sources.

2. Real-time Issue Identifications which monitors the status and performance of assets, production processes, and product quality in real time. Detect anomalies and generate alerts via text, e-mail, web, and mobile dashboards.

3. Role-based Intelligence that offers real-time actionable, role-based operational information empowers teams and enables optimal performance. We will cite specific customer examples and partner support as well as our other solutions like the ThingWorx Platform that make the starter apps possible.

Lose Paperwork and Log Books. Gain Efficiency and Production
Michael Guillory, Sage IT, Inc
The main challenge we faced was the lack of visibility into the shop floor. The ‘big picture’ was not fully represented across the factory’s manufacturing process.

Audit and compliance reporting was cumbersome requiring manual paper trails and logbooks which were prone to errors and inconsistencies. We wanted to improve operational efficiency and the utilization of resources.

Do It. Do It Better. Do It Best
Howard Heppelmann, PTC
We’ll take you through the manufacturing Journey. Learn to continuously improve your operational performance and flexibility through digital manufacturing, real-time intelligence predictive analytics and more.

You will be taken through 3 stages of the journey, Understand, Advance and Outperform. We will cite customer success stories.

Not Your Typical Windchill Case Study
Zachary Alexander, KPIT
GKN Aerospace ACS recently implemented Windchill with MPMLink. GKN Aerospace ACS is not the typical Windchill customer because our assemblies are comprised of only one or two parts.

However, by using MPMLink, we will share how we can easily generate critical work instructions by using multiple complex pre-defined process plans, full of resources, manufacturing capabilities, etc.

Utilizing MPMLink, allows GKN to reduce rework through reusability and standardization.

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