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Ensuring Product Compliance while Managing a Global Supply Chain

On Demand Webcast

To compete and grow in diverse markets, manufacturers must manage a multi-tiered, global supply chain and comply with evolving regulations and requirements.

Due to the exponential growth in governmental regulations, customer requirements, and NGO watch lists concerning the restrictions of product materials and substances, manufacturers' markets, revenues and reputations are increasingly at risk. The ability to make better informed product and supply chain decisions is critical. Manufacturers who can effectively gain visibility into company and supplier product data can reduce supply chain risks, produce audit trails necessary for regulators, and ensure product compliance with government and customer requirements.

Watch the webcast replay where Flextronics & PTC discuss:

     •   Protecting product revenue streams by making product compliance and risk analysis part of standard

         development processes
     •   Improving supply chain visibility with systematic supply chain data collection
     •   Ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, such as REACH and RoHS