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Tell us about the exciting products and projects you are working on and how PTC Global Support helps you to be successful! Below are helpful categories and questions that can help guide your story:

Support is

Support is Personalized

Support is

Support is Social

When you have feature or functionality questions or need additional usage skills, are you satisfied with the “How to Help” we provide?

- Live Demo & Tech Tips Sessions
- Our knowledgeable Tech Support Engineers

Upgrade and Migration Guidance
- Update Advisor
- Software Downloads
- Business Asset Summary Tool

Are you taking advantage of the Issue Avoidance alerts and resources?

Multiple eAlerts that help you stay ahead of the game

- PTC Support Advisor

- Tech Support Subscriptions

How is the eSupport Portal helping maximize your productivity at work?

- Case logging and tracking tools
- License Management
- Knowledgebase articles

Have you noticed theLiving” Knowledgebase Articles?

- Enhancements to the search tool in the Knowledgebase with the adoption of the KCS methodology and customer rating system

Did you notice that we now know better who you are?

- With the adoption of, we have a better look into who our customers are, their technical support history with us, and how we can help them faster

Within your software, do you find the Learning Connector useful for quick Support?

- Offers contextually relevant articles within your software

How has your experience been using Support Help within your software?

- Log Cases and Search the Knowledgebase within your software


Are you involved in the Support areas of the PTC Community?

- New Product Ideas tool to suggest improvements to existing products
- PTC Creo View Blog by Madhavi Ramesh, PTC Creo View MCAD Product Director

- Windchill Performance Blog by Stephen Vaillancourt, PTC’s Expert Support Engineer
- Pro/E, Creo & Windchill Workgroup Manager to Windchill Blog by Craig Pater, PTC’s Expert Support Engineer

Do you follow us on Social Media?

- Twitter for timely bite-sized alerts! Follow us @PTC_Support

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