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 February 2014 Issue
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Welcome to Your PTC Support Advisor!

PTC Support is proactive, personalized, social, and integrated. Through your interactions with PTC Global Support over the last year, you might have noticed the following key transformational changes:

  • The award-winning eSupport Portal - 2013 Winner of the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) Award
  • The Support Advisor redesign for an improved reader experience
  • "Living" Knowledgebase Articles ranked by usage and relevancy
  • Improved Case Logger/Tracker and License Management tools
  • Software Downloads process
  • Update and Migration guidance
  • Live Tech Tips & Demo's
  • Social Support through Twitter, Blogs, and PTC Community

We also continue to take your feedback regarding the PTC Support Advisor content and layout in order to further improve the readers experience!

  Maja Milutinovic
  Editor, The Support Advisor

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Resolutions & Techniques

PTC Creo Parametric

·    Removing Design Gaps by Consolidating CAD Software (pdf)

·   Top 5 Ways Designers Use PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

·   How to avoid premature exit on launch in PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 M090

·   Avoid crashes when opening a Drawing in Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 and Creo Parametric 2.0

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

·   How does PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling define the reference point for Radial Move? (pdf)

PTC Creo Illustrate

·   Enhancement Details: PTC Creo Illustrate Creo 3.0

·   Is it possible to duplicate items, using Copy/Paste in Creo Illustrate 3.0?

PTC Windchill

·   Windchill 10.2 F000_CPS03 has been released!

·   PTC Pro/INTRALINK Data Migrator will be retired after PTC Windchill 10.2

·  A New Windchill Security Update Patch (SUP9) is Available

·   Updates regarding Java 7 Client Support with PTC Windchill Solutions

PTC Integrity/Implementer

·   Integrity 10.7 Supported Platforms and Integrations Changes

·   Integrity 10.5 Supported Platforms Update

·   Symbolic Max and Min values for a date backed FVA field are cached as static values

PTC Mathcad

·   How to install Mathcad Prime 3.0

·   Can Mathcad Prime 3.0 be used with license file of older release of Mathcad

PTC MKS Toolkit

·   PTC MKS Toolkit 9.6 and PTC XServer 8.7 to Release Soon!

PTC Arbortext

·  Graphics do not display on opening a document in Arbortext Editor


New_imageMigrating from SolidWorks to PTC Creo Parametric? The PTC Creo 2.0 Maintenance Release M090 includes the addition of a SolidWorks command finder. This tool was built to shorten the time for engineers to become productive with PTC Creo! Download PTC Creo 2.0 M090 to ensure a smooth transition.

New_imageNow Available!
Maintenance Releases

Click here to Download the latest release of your software:

·    Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate & Layout 2.0 M090

·    Creo View & View Adapters 3.0 M010

·    Creo Illustrate 3.0 M010

·    Creo Elements/Direct 18.1 M050

·    Creo Expert Moldbase (EMX) 8.0 M020

·    Windchill PDMLink, ProjectLink, PDM Essentials, & Pro/INTRALINK 10.2 M010

·    Major Release! PTC System Monitor 3 

·    Major Release! Windchill Product Analytics 10.2

·    Windchill Service Information Manager & Service Parts 10.2 M010

·   Windchill Quality Solutions 10.0 M220

·   Windchill Quality Solutions 10.1 M190

·   Windchill Quality Solutions 10.2 M010 & CPS01

·    PTC Arbortext Editor 6.1 M010 (including Digital Media Publisher)

·    Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.0 M050

·    Arbortext Content Manager 10.2 M010

·    Arbortext for Aerospace & Defense 4.4 M080

·    Major Release! PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0

·    CADDS & Optegra 16.0 M130

View the PTC Product Calendar for updates!

TechTips CalendarUpcoming PTC Creo
Tech Tips & Demos

Join PTC Creo  experts for  upcoming
LIVE Tech Tips webcasts!

Mar 6

Setting Up and Working in a Multi-CAD Environment

Mar 6

Data Repair Using PTC Creo Parametric

Mar 7

Merging Multiple Designs



New_imageWindchill Product Analytics 10.2 is Now Available! New costing features and more status values and compliance specifications that provide greater control and lower your total cost of ownership. Update today!

New_imagePTC Creo View - Year 2013 in Review! PTC released several versions of Creo View loaded with powerful features in the year 2013. Click here to see what’s new and enhanced!


PTCLiveGlobal_logoGet PTC Creo & PTC Windchill help at PTC Live Global
Get tips, tricks and best practices from hundreds of real users like you and PTC product managers at PTC Live Global, June 15-18, 2014, in Boston, MA. Registration and session details can be found here.

PTC Live Executive Exchange Event! February 11-12, 2014 in Nice, France. Join us in this event to learn how service is a significant opportunity for manufacturers to capture market share and competitive advantage.

Support Advisor_November 2013_eSupport PortalVersion 2.2 of the eSupport Portal is Here! Click here to learn what's new!

Don’t have a Support Web Account?
Click here to create one and start using the eSupport Portal to log/track cases, search the knowledgebase, manage licenses, & more!

Support Advisor_November 2013_Video_Creo InteractiveExplore the PTC Creo Interactive Experience! Visit the PTC Creo Interactive Experience to watch videos on some of the most common use cases where PTC Creo can help to drive value in your design process.

Support Advisor_November 2013_Madhavi RameshPTC Creo View Blog
Madhavi Ramesh, PTC Creo View MCAD Product Director at PTC, shares her 20 years of experience and knowledge in developing and deploying Visualization products! Read Madhavi's Blog to gain useful tips in Visualization!

Windchill Tech Support Blog
Support Advisor_November 2013_Stephen VaillancourtCheck out the Windchill Performance Blog by Stephen Vaillancourt, Expert PTC Support Engineer, to learn how to best diagnose and prevent Windchill Performance problems.

Pro/E, Creo & Windchill Workgroup Manager to Windchill Blog
Support Advisor_November 2013_Craig PaterClick here to check out this blog by Craig Pater, PTC’s expert Support Engineer, who focuses on diagnosis & discussion of Pro/E, Creo or Windchill Workgroup Manager to Windchill issues (setup, functionality, performance, etc.). There will also be posts on other topics which may be of interest to Windchill and CAD admins.