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 March 2013 Issue
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Welcome to Your New Support Advisor!
Notice something different? 

Over the last several months we asked you how we could improve The Maintenance Minute.  The February Support Advisor is the first edition of the transformed eAlert!

But we’ve done much more than that.  In January, we re-launched the PTC Global Support offering, which you might know as “Maintenance Support”. Visit to explore how PTC is transforming your support experience!  The PTC Global Support organization is working hard to enhance your support offering to help meet your business challenges.

SupportAdvisor_Tony DiBonaClick here to hear from Tony DiBona, Executive Vice President of PTC Global Support, about the exciting new changes that are now available as part of your new support experience!

Based on your input in this new Support Advisor you will find an improved navigation, product-specific content, and a more interactive experience to better provide timely information that is most relevant to you!  You can now browse information by product using the tabs above.

We welcome your continued feedback so we can develop the Support Advisor in a way that meets all of your support needs.

  Maja Milutinovic
  Editor, The Support Advisor




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Resolutions & Techniques

Creo Parametric & ProE

·   How to open Creo Parametric 2.0 files in Creo Parametric 1.0, Pro/E Wildfire 5.0 & 4.0

·   How to Open SolidWorks files in Creo Parametric

Windchill PDMLink

·   Best Practice To Reduce Workspace Refresh Time

·   Avoid Data Integrity Issues when Updating to Windchill 9.1 M060 from a previous release

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

·   How to sweep a sleeve along a wire or cable (pdf)

·   How to modify the contents of a drawing view (pdf)

·   How to Modify a Part with an Irregular Blend (pdf)

Windchill Quality Solutions

·   How to use freeze column functionality in Web Access

·   Avoid “Out of Browser” web client application reinstallation


SupportAdvisor_PaulLenfest_videoNew eSupport Portal – Enhancing the Customer Experience! Listen to Paul Lenfest, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, talk about the three important components of the new eSupport portal. The eSupport portal launched on March 4th, 2013.  Click here to personalize your new support homepage today!

Now Available – Windchill 10.1 M030!  
Windchill 10.1 Maintenance Release MO30 has released on January 24th, 2013 - download today!

Now Available – Creo 2.0 M040!  
The Creo 2.0 Maintenance Release MO40 has released on February 6th, 2013 - download today!


Creo Webinar 
SupportAdvisor_Creo_webinarStill using Pro/ENGINEER? Listen to John Buchowski, VP of PTC Creo, on why the time is now to make your move.


Creo Elements/Direct Technology Roadmap Webinar Watch this webcast replay featuring Michael Campbell, CAD EVP and Martin Neumueller, Product Management Director, as they discuss the importance of direct modeling to the PTC CAD strategy.

NEW PTC Licensing Tool for Integrity Now you can configure, manage, retrieve, and track your licenses for new software purchases in one place!


Explore the New Customer Support Guide!  
SupportAdvisor_CustomerSupport_GuideGo ahead and recycle your old printed versions –the new Customer Support guide is now only a click away.


The PTC Customer Support Council
email us to express interest in joining the Support Council and learn how you can participate in the Support lunch sessions at this year's PTC Live Global event in Anaheim, CA - June 9-12.

Registration Open for PTC Live Global 2013! 

PTCLiveGlobal_logoJune 9-12 in Anaheim, California. Click here for the greatest selection of PTC University training sessions –
and a $100 discount.

Product Ideas Community Tool 
received over 1,000 Product Ideas since the tool launched on May 3, 2012. PTC Product Managers are reviewing the top voted and discussed ideas on a regular basis and respond accordingly. 

Windchill Technical Support Blog Check out the Windchill Performance Blog by Stephen Vaillancourt, Expert PTC Support Engineer, to learn how to best diagnose and prevent Windchill Performance problems.

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