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 April 2014 Issue
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Welcome to your PTC Support Advisor!

eSupport Portal - Not Just an Award Winner

Customers maximize their productivity by using the eSupport portal. Don't just take it from us read what a user had to say:

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The 2.4 March maintenance release of the eSupport Portal included:

  ·      New eSupport Portal login page

  ·      Redesigned web account pages

  ·      Mobile version of eSupport Portal in production

  ·      Case Logger/Viewer fixes and known issues

The eSupport Portal continues to get better! Click here for full details on all enhancements made over the last year. Ensure access to the eSupport Portal tools such as case logging and license management by upgrading your existing PTC Web Account (under “My Account” settings).

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  Maja Milutinovic
  Editor, The Support Advisor

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Resolutions, Tips & Techniques

New to PTC Creo?  If you’re new to PTC Creo and work with drawings, here are some techniques to help you adjust to the interface and workflow changes from Wildfire, as well as techniques that are not widely known:


·   Having trouble finding icons/menu picks? Use the Command Search: 102016

·   The Show and Erase tool from Wildfire has changed in Creo.  See the new functionality for showing and erasing in 18537

·   Do you prefer the black drawing background to the white background in Creo? Use system colors configuration to customize colors: 45780

PTC Windchill Techniques

·   Do you want to be able to specify the folder where an object will be created in Windchill? Use an OIR: 21487

·   Have you wondered how to allow users to view the options Distinct, Bypass Access Control and Group By in the Select tab of Report Manager in Windchill? Take a look at article 35281

PTC Creo Workgroup Manager for Windchill PDMLink. Leverage the below articles that walk  you through configuring/tuning clients and the setup/tuning that one should perform on the server when managing CAD (EPM Documents) in Windchill. These techniques significantly improve performance:

·   Pro/E Wildfire & Creo Interaction with PDMLink - Recommended Initial Performance Client Settings

Embedded Web Browser in PTC Creo Parametric & PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager. Are you having problems with the embedded browser, want more detail regarding possible issues and a summary of what is supported?  See the following Articles for additional detail:

·   Known issues when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 with Windchill PDMLink 10.x

PTC Arbortext Techniques

·   You have Arbortext Editor Integrated with Windchill and need to track down an issue that’s happening?  See 39146

·   Want to optimize your Arbortext Publishing Engine installation? See 114622

PTC Integrity/Implementer Techniques

·   115211 - How to move an Integrity Server installation to new hardware

·   116576 - How to request & apply license keys for Implementer


PTC Servigistics Knowledge Management (SKM) 5.3 M010 - Now Available! Key improvements include an enhanced solution verification & resolution workflow and expanded Web Services. These enhancements and more are all now available! Download Today!


·   Review Documentation and Guides before installing


Now Available!

Maintenance Releases

-    PTC Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate & Layout 2.0 M100 Release Details

-      PTC Windchill PDMLink, Project Link, Pro/INTRALINK, PLM Connector 10.0 M050 – Release Details

-      PTC Windchill Quality Solutions 10.1 M220 – Release Details

-     PTC Windchill Quality Solutions 10.2 M020 – Release Details

-     PTC Windchill Bulk Migrator 4.0

-     PTC System Monitor 3.0 for Windchill, FlexPLM, & Service Center - Release Details

-     PTC System Monitor 3.0 for Integrity - Release Details

-   Arbortext Editor & Digital Media Publisher 6.0 M120 – Release Details

-   Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.0 M060 – Release Details

-   CADDS 5 & Optegra 16.1 M030

-   PTC Integrity 10.5 Release Details

-   PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 - Release Details

View the PTC Product Calendar
for updates!

New_imagePTC Creo 2.0 M100 - Now Available! In the M100 Maintenance Release, you gain access to the following new functionality:
  • Windows 8.1 Certification
  • Support IE11 on Windows 7.0
  • Updates to the Measure Tool
  • Improved Installation Procedures for Enterprise Admins
  • Forward and backward compatibility

blue_arrow Click here to download today!

TechTips CalendarUpcoming
PTC Creo Tech Tips & Demos

Exclusively for Support customers, join PTC Creo product experts in these LIVE Tech Tips webcasts!

Apr 29

Design for Manufacturing with Annotation Features in PTC Creo Parametric

May 1

Analyzing Models Using PTC Creo Simulate

May 2

Merging Multiple Designs

May 5

Setting Up and Working in a Multi-CAD Environment

May 6

Surface Design in PTC Creo Parametric

May 7   

Working with Large Assemblies and the Use of Lightweight Graphics

click here for more!

Recorded Tech Tips videos are
also available for all PTC products.


MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankMake Sure your PO’s Reflect PTC’s new legal name – “PTC Inc.” In order to avoid delays in renewing Support agreements, please ensure your company PO’s reflect the new name of PTC Inc. (instead of “Parametric Technology Corp”).  Please have your purchasing systems updated in order to avoid interruptions in Support!

PTCLiveGlobal_logoTry the latest PTC solutions at PTC Live Global!
On June 15-18 in Boston, MA, join your peers to witness the launch of PTC Creo 3.0 and learn more about PTC Windchill 10.2. You’ll discover how enhancements to these solutions will streamline the way you design and develop processes.
Learn more, and register today!


PTC Live Service ExchangePTC Live Service Exchange 2014
June 16-17, Boston, MA

Join other service leaders & colleagues in a compelling learning environment addressing top service opportunities and challenges. Interactive sessions to help you in your daily job as well as actionable ways to increase your organization’s service revenue, profitability and customer value. Learn more, and register today!


Support Advisor_April 2014_Creo DemosPTC Creo Virtual Events You Can’t Miss! Visit the PTC Creo Events page  to learn about PTC Creo from the product experts! April events include:

·      Large Assemblies in PTC Creo Parametric

·      PTC Creo Simulate Overview

·      Setting Up and Working in a Multi-CAD Environment

Support Advisor_April 2014_Creo BlogPTC Creo Blog

Stay up to the date with the PTC Creo Blog!

·      Have You Upgraded to PTC Creo Parametric? Realize Your Full Potential!

PTC Windchill Tech Support Blog

Support Advisor_November 2013_Stephen VaillancourtCheck out the Windchill Performance Blog by Stephen Vaillancourt, Expert PTC Support Engineer. Most recent Blog posts include:

·      Workflow and Queue Performance

·      Internal PSM Training

Support Advisor_November 2013_Craig PaterAll Things Workgroup Manager to Windchill Blog. Check out the “All Things WGM Blogby Craig Pater, PTC’s expert Support Engineer,  who focuses on diagnosis & discussion of Pro/E, Creo or Windchill Workgroup Manager to Windchill issues (setup, functionality, performance, etc.). Read the latest posts:

·      Performance Impact of Debug Client Logging, In vs. Out of Process Browser and HDD vs. SSD

·      Customer Presentation on Optimizing Client-Server Interaction