Support Advisor - December 2017
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Support Advisor - December 2017
December 2017
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James Perkins
Editor, PTC Support Advisor
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Resolutions and Tips & Tricks from Tech Support Services Experts
CS179388 — Learn more about Annotation Features and Combination States in Creo Parametric 2.0 and 3.0
CS234302 — Create 2D curve patterns and learn how to avoid unintended offsets in Creo Parametric
CS247247 — Experience the latest rendering enhancements in Creo Parametric 4.0
CS248853 — Here are some best practices for searching the PTC Knowledge Base for Windchill issues
CS149102 — Learn how to install a critical patch set for Windchill
Windhill Workgroup Manager (WGM)
CS266991 — Discover PTC Creo Product Insight Extension Capabilities, Support & Caveats for Windchill 11.0 M030 and Creo Parametric 4.0 F000
CS266992 — Experience new CAD version support in Windchill Workgroup Manager 11.0 M030
CS271439 — Learn all about licensing requirements for ThingWorx 8.1
CS245547 — Leverage the Support Tools extension for ThingWorx and learn about the diagnostics it provides
CS193947 — Enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that allows browsers & edge devices to connect to ThingWorx server securely
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New & Most Recent Maintenance Releases Available
Arbortext 7.0 M070
Arbortext 7.0 M080
InService 6.2 M002 CPS15
Parts Management
Creo 2.0 M250
Creo 3.0 M140
Creo 4.0 M030
ThingWorx Studio 8.1.1
ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps 8.1
Creo Elements/Direct
Direct Modeling 20 M010
Direct Modeling 20 M020
Windchill 10.2 M022 CPS17
Windchill 11.0 M030 CPS04
PTC Mathcad
Mathcad Prime 4.0 F000
Mathcad Prime 4.0 M010
Windchill FlexPLM 11.0 M010
Windchill FlexPLM 11.0 M030
PTC Classic ALM Products
ApexAda 5.2 for 64-bit
Implementer 12.1
Perc 8.0
PTC Classic SLM Products
Move 10.6
Warranty 4.7
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Product Highlights
Creo 5.0 Sneak Peek! Creo 5.0 Sneak Peek!
Are you an existing Creo customer? Test Creo 5.0, our newest release. Some restrictions apply. This is for testing only, and you’ll need to agree to detailed terms and conditions. Sign up, have fun, and give us your feedback!
ThingWorx Delivers Industrial Innovation ThingWorx Delivers Industrial Innovation
Get functionality, flexibility and scalability your business needs to drive industrial innovation with our leading IoT Solution, ThingWorx. Discover the ability to source, contextualize and synthesize data while orchestrating processes and delivering powerful web, mobile and AR experiences. Learn how to take your business to the next level. Contact an Industrial Innovation Expert today!
Plan, Deliver and Analyze the Service Network with Servigistics Plan, Deliver and Analyze the Service Network with Servigistics
Our Servigistics family of products help manufacturers and their service partners ensure services systemically planned, delivered and analyzed to continually improve performance and maximize customer value. Learn how to transform your service organization into a growth-driven, profitable operation that maximizes product value. Contact a PTC SLM Expert today!
Discover PTC FlexPLM for Your Retail Needs Discover PTC FlexPLM for Your Retail Needs
Retailers need to move fast, from trend to store. Our Retail Solutions empower teams to bring products to market quicker and more efficiently than ever before. The global retail landscape is increasingly digital. To compete, retailers and brand owners are transforming their traditional processes to capitalize on new opportunities. Learn more about our FlexPLM solution and capabilities.
New Tools & Resources
Introducing ‘The Fix’ – Our Newsletter for Aftermarket Introducing ‘The Fix’ – Our Newsletter for Aftermarket
A monthly newsletter for Service Parts Management and Service & Parts Information customers to learn about industry best practices, to implement strategies to expand and solidify their aftermarket service offerings. Read the first edition of “The Fix” released in October 2017 and subscribe to keep informed.
Need help finding the right training for you? Need help finding the right training for you?
PTC University keeps you on the cutting edge of learning and technology. Access first-hand product knowledge through flexible learning experiences that cater to your individual learning style and effectively and efficiently enable you to reach your desired business goals. Browse our global schedule and find a class near you!
Try & Buy! Try & Buy!
Not sure what PTC solution is right for you? We offer a variety of software trials of our leading solutions. Whether you are looking at our ThingWorx Studio or Creo Parametric solutions, experience and test-drive their capabilities. Try out our PTC Software. Learn more about our free software trials today.
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