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                                                                                                                                                                                             March/April 2016 

Welcome to Smart, Connected Support!


IoT Meets PLM: Improve Your Product and Support Experience with Smart, Connected Support


PLM Administrators now have a new tool to better manage their PTC Windchill installations and to provide proactive support for the product development team. Performance Advisor for PTC Windchill improves up-time and system performance ensuring increased productivity for end users.


Features and Benefits:

·       Provides insight into PTC Windchill application environment health with configurable dashboard

·       Monitor PTC Windchill license usage

·       Enables proactive issue reporting (coming in a future release)

·       Proactively provide approved solutions to identified issues (coming in a future release)

·       Easy access through the same eSupport Portal customers use today


You must be on PTC Windchill 10.2 (or higher) to take advantage of Smart, Connected Support. Plan for your upgrade today! Read the below knowledgebase article to help streamline your upgrade process:

·       Overview of the Upgrade Procedure for Windchill Products  


Upload the Performance Advisor for PTC Windchill today in 3 simple steps:

1.     Go to your PTC eSupport portal

2.     Select the “My Company” tab

3.     Click on the “Add Portlet” button and choose “My Connected PTC Products”


Visit the Help Center for additional resources to help get you started!

*The Performance Advisor for Windchill is available for both 10.2 and 11.0 users*

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Resolutions, Tips & Techniques from Tech Support Experts

PTC Creo

  • CS188908 How to use Seed and Boundary method to select surfaces for apply color/appearance in Creo Parametric                                                    
  • CS37185 Customization of the User Interface in Creo Parametric
  • CS37129 Introduction to materials about mechanism design and dynamics in Creo Parametric

PTC Windchill

Helpful tips on how to use Query Builder data in Microsoft Excel, share reports with other Windchill users, and identify relations between two object types:

  • CS162869 – How to run Query Builder report in Microsoft Excel in Windchill PDMLink
  • CS182027 – How to make reports available to users in Windchill PDMLink
  • CS51689 - Understanding database table relationships in Windchill to generate queries or build Windchill Reports

PTC Integrity:

Is your workstation using an IPv6 address? Learn how to find out and avoid errors accessing Integrity through the web:

  • CS185622 – Accessing Integrity from web client returns the error: Error connecting to <hostname>:7001: String index out of range: -1

Windchill Visualization Services (WVS):

How to leverage and configure the powerful capabilities of the WVS Additional File Types, and if it is supported by your current Windchill and Creo View Adapters release:

  • CS152784 – Creo View Adapters: At which releases is Additional File Types support added for the various CAD Applications?
  • CS81396 – How to publish a WVS Representation with Additional File Types for CAD Documents in Windchill PDMLink 10.1 M010 and later releases
  • CS111916 – Windchill PDMLink 10.1 M020: How to configure Additional File Types to be published for specific CAD Document types

PTC Arbortext:


Using Arbortext Publishing Engine and Windchill Visualization Services (WVS)? Learn how to configure WVS to use different style sheets and use of different profiles:

CS25298 – Configure WVS to use different style sheets and profiles for publishing Arbortext documents


Newly Available
Maintenance Releases!

With Release Notes

Stay Updated on the latest releases available for download!


- Creo Illustrate 3.1 What’s New

- Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate, & Layout 3.0 (M80)

- Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate, & Layout 2.0 (M160)

- PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting 19.0 (M040) now available

- PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 19.0 (M040) now available

- Creo Elements/Direct 18.1 (M080)

- Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 M280 formerly Wildfire 5.0

- Creo View 3.1 What’s New

- Creo View Adapters 3.0 (M032) Read This First

- Creo View Adapters 3.1 Read This First

- CADDS 5 16.1 (M080)

- Optegra 16.1 (M090)



- Windchill 11.0 (F000)

- Windchill 10.2 (M032) includes PDMLink, ProjectLink, PDM Essentials, Pro/INTRALINK, Service Information Manager & Service Parts

- Windchill Service Information Manager S1000D Module 10.2 (M032) Read This First

- Windchill PLM Connector 11.0 Installation Guide

- Windchill Product Analytics 10.3 includes Materials, Substances & Compliance

- PTC System Monitor 4.0

- Windchill Bulk Migrator 4.0 (M020)

- FlexPLM 10.2 (M030) What’s New

- Windchill Quality Solutions 11.0 formally Relex


- Servigistics Field Service 11.1.3 (MR5)

- Servigistics Service Knowledge and Diagnostics 5.7

- Warranty and Contract Management (4.3.1) Service Suite, formally 4CS

- Servigistics Service Network Management 11.1.1

- Servigistics Parts Pricing & Parts Management

- Servigistics Service Knowledge and Diagnostics 5.7 (M010)

- Servigistics InService (6.2) formerly Axeda Service Center


- Arbortext Editor, Styler, & Architect 7.0 (M010) & SPR Fixes – M020 coming soon!

- Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.1 (M020)

- Arbortext Editor, Styler, & Architect 6.1 (M080) & SPR Fixes

- Arbortext Content Manager 11.0 (F000)

- Arbortext Content Manager 10.2 (M032)

- Arbortext Digital Media Publisher 6.1 (M060)

- Arbortext for Aerospace & Defense (S1000D/S2000M) 4.4 (M120)

- IsoDraw & IsoView 7.3 (M060) Read This First

- Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.7 HF

- Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.8 HF

- Implementer 11.2

- Integrity Asset Library 2.0

- Integrity Modeler 8.2a & 8.2b

- Integrity Requirements Connector 3.0 (M020)

- Mathcad Prime 3.1 now integrated with PTC Creo 3.0 M030 and forward

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At LiveWorx 2016, June 6-9 in Boston, you will learn how to get the most of your current product and service lifecycle management solutions and how to integrate IoT into the next generation of things, and achieve product development, service and IoT success.

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Showcase your greatness! Submit the coolest design’s you’ve created in PTC Creo. Tell us what you’ve designed, why it’s great, and how PTC Creo helped. Enter designs in a range of categories from ergonomic hand held devices to efficient engines. Entry deadline is April 29th, 2016.

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Smart PLM Access for All Stakeholders - recorded webcast

PTC Windchill 11 introduces role-based PLM apps that unleash product data to all stakeholders at their point of need.

Now, not only will Engineering have access to PLM product data, but so will Manufacturing, Service and even Sales.

Learn more by watching the webcast here.


Introducing the PTC SLM Community. Join the conversation!

Become a member today and start collaborating among peers and product experts to enhance your overall user experience with our products. Click here to check out the community. We look forward to hearing from you!


eSupport Portal Article Feedback Widget

There have been several improvements to the Article Feedback Widget. The widget is available in both a desktop and mobile widgets. You can read the release notes to learn more about these updates.


Share your PTC Integrity Product Ideas

Your ideas are important to us! We're excited to announce a new and improved process for capturing customer ideas and enhancement requests for the PTC Integrity product family. Now you can create, vote and comment on "products ideas" in the PTC Integrity Community. To learn more, please explore the product ideas page on We look forward to hearing from you!