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 March 2015 

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PTC Mathcad 3.1

PTC Mathcad is the single solution for solving, analyzing, documenting, and sharing your essential engineering calculations and design intent.  With the release of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1, we introduce a new and improved Application Program Interface (API) that allows you to integrate PTC Mathcad with any CAD platform, design software, analysis tool, PDM system, or other application.  This functionality enables PTC Creo and other CAD users to optimize their designs with the power of engineering calculations. Click here for full PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 release details.

Please note that Support for PTC Mathcad 11, 12, and 13 is being discontinued on April 1, 2015. Active Support customers, don't wait! Update to the latest release today >>

PTC Creo 3.0 M030

The PTC Mathcad functionality is now available to PTC Creo 3.0 customers with the latest maintenance release, M030 -  click here for full release details.  We refer to this feature as the “Engineering Notebook” within PTC Creo.  This new feature makes it possible to embed a PTC Mathcad worksheet directly within your PTC Creo model, at the part or assembly level. The embedded PTC Mathcad worksheet can then serve as a scratch pad to record design notes, to solve simple to complex calculations, or act as the mathematical source for the parameters in your 3D model.

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community_SlideShare37X32Learn the Functionality - Exclusively Available to Active Support Customers! To help users get up to speed with the new functionality that integrates PTC Mathcad 3.1 with PTC Creo 3.0 M030, we've created tutorials in the PTC Help Center. Click here to start learning!


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Resolutions, Tips & Techniques from Technical Support Experts

PTC Creo

  • CS63128: Step by step tutorials for Creo beginners (includes downloadable models)
  • CS180439: General information and tutorials regarding PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener extension
  • CS188291: If you're working with large drawings, make sure you're aware of all the drawing performance tuning techniques

PTC Windchill

  • CS46724 : Creating a document fails with an error "There is no Cache designated vault or active folder for Cache designated vault on Local Master Site" in Windchill PDMLink
  • CS186653 : How does Mount Validation work in Windchill
  • CS187210 : Is Windchill vulnerable to the SSLv3 / POODLE security vulnerability ?

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

Learn tips and tricks about how to use shelling commands in certain situations:

  • CS195790 - How to deal with critical situations, restrictions when using shelling functionality

PTC Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) "How To" Articles

Technical Support expert, Michael Kaercher, shares the below “How To” articles on PTC Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) to help you get the most out of the features and functionality of this software. Here is a list of the most recent articles created:

·         Check distance stamp forma

·         Facet Accuracy

·         Shelling Functionality

·         LK Remove Edges Merge Faces

·         Radial Move Ref Points

·        Save As Granite File Options

MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankPotential data integrity issue in PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

PTC Mathcad

PTC Integrity

Optimize your current Installation of Integrity with the Integrity Performance Tuning Knowledge Hub for general tips and recommendations to identify bottlenecks and take corrective measures:

  • CS145120 - Performance Knowledge Hub for Integrity

PTC Windchill Visualization

Achieve and maintain optimal efficiency with Windchill Visualization Services (WVS) and learn how it utilizes Windchill Queues to control Automated Publishing. Take control of the Windchill Queue Entries with the following tools and techniques:

NEW! A Resource for Administrators - Everything you ever need to know about WVS!

PTC Arbortext

  • CS57952 - How to use the "Custom" folder with Arbortext Publishing Engine

MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankNotice of change to support for the PTC Arbortext Import/Export feature. Effective immediately, PTC will be changing the level of support for this functionality from Standard to Sustained (learn more about Sustained Support in the Terms & Conditions here). This capability will continue to ship in Arbortext products, but will no longer provid bug fixes or enhancements. Click here for more info.

MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankEffective July 1, 2015, PTC will change the level of support for the FOSI composition engine from Standard support to Sustained support. Visit the PTC support page for more details.


Newly Available
Maintenance Releases!

With Release Notes


NEW!  Creo Parametric 3.0 (M030) is Now Integrated with Mathcad Prime 3.1!

·   Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate, & Layout 2.0 (M150)

·   Creo Elements/Direct 19.0 M020 formerly CoCreate

·   Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 M260 formerly Wildfire 5.0

·   Creo View & Adapters 3.0 (M030)

·   Creo Illustrate 3.0 (M030)

·   Creo Schematics 3.0 M010

·   Creo Progressive Die Extension (PDX) 9

·   CADDS 5 & Optegra 16.1 M070



·   Windchill 10.2 (M030) includes PDMLink, ProjectLink, PDM Essentials, Pro/INTRALINK, PLM Connector, Service Information Manager, S1000D Module & Service Parts

·   Windchill Product Analytics 10.3 includes Materials, Substances & Compliance

·   PTC System Monitor 4.0

·   FlexPLM 10.2 (M030)

·   Windchill Quality Solutions 10.2 (M040 & CPS05) formerly Relex


·   Servigistics Parts Pricing & Parts Management 11.0.1

·   Servigistics Knowledge & Diagnostics 5.5 F000 & M010

·   Servigistics Field Service 10.7.5

·   Servigistics Warranty & Contract Management (4.1) - Service Suite, formerly 4CS


·   Arbortext Editor, Styler, & Architect 6.1 (M050)

·   Arbortext Content Manager 10.2 (M030)

·   Arbortext Digital Media Publisher 6.1 (M050)

·   Arbortext for Aerospace & Defense (S1000D/S2000M) 4.4 M110

·   Major Release! Integrity 10.7 - releases end of March

·   Implementer 11.1

·   Major Release! Mathcad Prime 3.1 - now integrated with PTC Creo 3.0 M030 release

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New_imagePTC Creo 3.0 Continues to Get Better with Maintenance Release M030

The M030 release delivers the following enhancements:

·   Engineering Notebook, powered by PTC Mathcad. Click here for a quick overview

·   Performance Advisor for PTC Creo is a ThingWorx powered dashboard which gives PTC Creo customers an aggregated view of PTC Diagnostics data from PTC Creo. Customers can access the tool through the eSupport Portal. Click here for technical information.

·   Notification when THA component is modified using Creo

·   Unblock AF in Mold/Cast and Mold Layout

·   Put datum plane functionality under hidden configuration in PTC Creo Layout

·   Data Exchange Converter Upgrade

Click here for full release details.

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New_imagePTC Windchill 10.2 M030 Delivers Integrated Enhancements that Increase Productivity & Optimize System Performance!

Windchill 10.2 M030 includes numerous updates and enhancements, including:

·      Platform Structure Module – advanced logic and authoring

·      Change management enhancements

·      IP Protection: Security labels progress

·      and much more!

Detailed information is provided in the below documentation:

·      PTC Windchill What’s New for 10.2 M030

·      READ THIS FIRST PTC Windchill 10.2 M030

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New_imagePTC Creo View 3.0 M030 Delivers Improved Design Reviews, User Experience, and Enterprise Wide Features

Some of the top enhancements in the M030 release include:


·   PTC Creo Unite support – open multi-CAD parts and assemblies in PTC Creo View

·   Improved search queries, structure editing, and dynamic assemblies

·   Supporting Creo Parametric and 3rd party or legacy formats

·   PTC Windchill Visualization


For full details on this release, please reference the below documentation:

·   What’s New for PTC Creo View 3.0 M030

·   PTC Creo View Read This First

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New_imagePTC Creo Illustrate 3.0 M030 Delivers 3 Major Enhancements


The 3 major enhancements made in this release include:

·   Externalize text from illustrations for translation; Externalize text from illustrations for translation; enabling multi-language illustrations

·   Export an image map file to enable hotspots on a raster image

·   Improve file performance for large models with many figures

For full details on this release, please reference the below documentation:

·   Creo Illustrate What’s New for 3.0 M030

·   Creo Illustrate Read This First

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New_imagePTC Servigistics Service Knowledge and Diagnostics 5.5 Introduces a New Smart, Connected Capability!


Please note that "Service Knowledge Management" has been renamed to "Service Knowledge and Diagnostics”.  With this release, PTC introduces a new smart, connected capability enabled by ThingWorx, a PTC company, bringing a new level of automation, service to products, and value to customers.


Release highlights include:

·      Access real-time machine information within the interface to quickly and accurately troubleshoot issues

·      ThingWorx Alert Manager Application template that demonstrates how you can monitor and track alerts coming from assets in the field.  This application automatically searches for possible solutions and presents the best action to resolve the issue

Click here for full release details.

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PTC Tech Tips Webcasts - Exclusively for Support Customers!

TechTips CalendarRegister for LIVE Support entitled TechTip webcasts or view recorded feature Demo's with product experts!

MNT_Nov2012_PTCLiveGlobalPTC Live Global 2015 - Call for Presentations!

PTC Live Global 2015 will be held in Nashville, TN from June 7-10. We are currently seeking candidates to present on topics related to Support Services.

Why present? All PTC Live Global presenters will receive a complimentary full-conference registration pass and more!

Arrow with spaceLearn more and submit your request by May 1, 2015!

New_image4 Ways to Advance Your Knowledge with PTC Creo!


Creo eventsWhether you are a new or advanced PTC Creo user, we can help you understand product benefits and how to best use specific features quickly:

1.  Learn “Best Practices” using specific features - Exclusive to Support customers!

·   TechTip Webcasts with LIVE interaction or replays

2.  Get to know PTC Creo through broad product overviews

·  Find a hands-on event or webcast near you!

3.  Learn quick “How To’s” and see a new feature

·   Short feature videos in the LearningExchange

4.  PTC Creo Help Center

·   NEW! Intelligent Fastner Extension (IFX) Functionality in PTC Creo 3.0

·   20+ Help Modules to help you get things done with PTC Creo Parametric!

New_imagePTC System Monitor 4.0 Makes it Easier for Administrators to Monitor, Diagnose, and Service PTC Applications!


The key highlights include:

·      Improved upgrade process

·      Support for MPMLink, PartsLink and Options and Variants Transactions

·      Support for Windchill Quality Solutions, Service Knowledge Management and InService

·      dynaTrace Production Edition release 6.1

PTC System Monitor 4.0 now also supports additional PTC products, such as PTC Windchill Quality Solutions and Servigistics Knowledge and Diagnostics. For more details see the What’s New Guide.

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Administrators! Enhance your PTC System Monitor Visibility - Ensure Your End Users Are Happy!

Dynatrace User Experience Management (UEM) provides Windchill administrators and business owners, unprecedented visibility into the true end-user experience. Understand and manage application performance through deep, fact-based insight for end-user experience inside the browser. For your free trial of UEM, click here.

Evaluate the Performance of PTC Creo 3.0 on Your Hardware!


SPEC, the leading provider of benchmark software for engineering and computing professionals, has developed new software that can be used to evaluate performance of workstations running PTC Creo 3.0.  PTC cooperated with the SPEC Application Performance Characterization (SPECapc) group to create and test this benchmark.


Download the current SPECapc for PTC Creo 3.0 on the SPEC/GWPG website!