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 April 2015   

Welcome to Your PTC Support Advisor!

Internet of Things (IoT) Meets PTC Creo to Improve Your Product Experience!

CAD Administrators now have a new tool to better manage their PTC Creo products and to provide proactive support for the product development team. Performance Advisor for PTC Creo improves uptime and system performance ensuring increased productivity for engineers and designers.

The new Performance Advisor for PTC Creo delivers unprecedented visibility into your PTC Creo-related hardware and software environment through an easy-to-use online dashboard. For the first time, Administrators have insight into important performance and usage metrics of PTC Creo. Major capabilities include:

  • Proactive investigation of stability issues for a single-user or across the team
  • Comprehensive visibility into software versions in use to manage software upgrade plans
  • Easy monitoring and reporting of the health of your system
  • Quick visibility to detailed performance and usage statistics across your organization
  • Configurable dashboards for personalized viewing and reporting

Watch a demo of Performance Advisor for PTC Creo in action!

Active Support customers - download the dashboard directly from your eSupport Portal, simply go to the “My Company” tab and “Add Portlet”. 

The Performance Advisor leverages the capabilities of the PTC ThingWorx IoT platform. PTC is committed to delivering regular enhancements and new capabilities. Our next milestone – which we will demo at PTC Live Global, June 7-10 in Nashville, TN – integrates recommendations from  Technical Support knowledgebase articles into the dashboard. Stop by the PTC Global Support booth located in the center of the PTC Pavilion to demo and learn more! Here are some initial customer reactions to the new tool:


After seeing a demo of the new Performance Advisor for PTC Creo, I got a better understanding of PTC’s vision for the Internet of Things. Last year we were trying to figure out exactly what ThingWorx meant for administrators like me, and now we see how PTC has leveraged the capabilities of IoT for its own software.  It's a nice step forward as it'll allow us to pinpoint problems sooner, see trends, and react to potential issues more efficiently with the limited resources that we currently have.  - Lee Hughes, Global CAD/PLM Admin, Kohler Co.


With this new Support tool the answers are going to come to me and I'm not going to be doing as much work.  The Performance Advisor and a connected Support strategy are going to be a game changer for administrating PTC products. - Mike Bosworth, PLM/CAD Admin, BAE Systems


Performance Advisor is compatible with PTC Creo 3.0 M030 (or later) and PTC Creo 2.0 M150 (or later).


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Resolutions, Tips & Techniques from Technical Support Experts

MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankReview you Migration Plans for PTC Creo, PTC Windchill and Workgroup Manager!

Learn how to respond to Microsoft's decision to end support for Internet Explorer 9 & 10 in January 2016:

  • CS192427 - Microsoft Policy to support only Internet Explorer 11.0 Frequently Asked Questions

PTC Creo

Learn about the Tolerance Analysis Extension (TAX), Harness Manufacturing Extension (HMX), and the Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) in PTC Creo:

  • CS34821 - Where to find documentation for Tolerance Analysis Extension (TAX) module for Creo Parametric
  • CS188258 - About Harness Manufacturing Extension (HMX) in PTC Creo Parametric 3.0
  • CS180439 - Information regarding PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) in Creo Parametric 3.0

PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager

Are you deploying Windchill 10.2 M030?  Make sure you apply 10.2 M030 CPS01 as it contains critical server performance fixes:

  • CS201133 - Installing, updating or upgrading to Windchill PDMLink 10.2 M030 without applying 10.2 M030 CPS01 can lead to critical server performance issues

PTC Creo Elements/Direct

"How To" Article by Michael Kaercher, PTC's Expert Technical Support Engineer

Learn how to use and set up the Remote Update Server Module in Modeling, Dispatcher, and Server (x64):

PTC Mathcad

Are you planning to migrate to Mathcad Prime and/or looking for engineering resources for Mathcad Prime? Use the below articles to help you plan:

  • CS195627 - What's new / new features / enhancements of latest release Mathcad Prime 3.1
  • CS149769 - Engineering libraries (collection of pre-built Mathcad worksheets) for PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0/3.1
  • CS22570 - How to convert worksheets created in earlier versions of Mathcad to open with Mathcad Prime?

PTC Integrity

PTC System Monitor (PSM) 4.0 has been released and there are some additional configuration steps needed for PSM Servers monitoring Integrity:

  • CS198135 - Integrity PSM 4.0 Modifications needed after install

PTC Arbortext

Learn how to successfully integrate between PTC Arbortext Editor and Windchill:

  • CS1147723 - How to troubleshoot Arbortext and Windchill integration general function issues

MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankNotice of change to support for the PTC Arbortext Import/Export feature. Effective immediately, PTC will be changing the level of support for this functionality from Standard to Sustained. This capability will continue to ship in Arbortext products, but will no longer provid bug fixes or enhancements. Click here for more info.

MNT_MMSept_Alert_blankEffective July 1, 2015, PTC will change the level of support for the FOSI composition engine from Standard support to Sustained support. Visit the PTC support page for more details.


Newly Available
Maintenance Releases!

With Release Notes


·   Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate, & Layout 3.0  (M030)

·   Creo Parametric, Direct, Simulate, & Layout 2.0 (M150)

·   Creo Elements/Direct Drafting 19.0 (M020)

·   Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 19.0 (M020)

·   Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 M260 formerly Wildfire 5.0

·   Creo View & Adapters 3.0 (M030)

·   Creo Illustrate 3.0 (M030)

·   Creo Schematics 3.0 M010

·   CADDS 5 16.1 (M070)

·   Optegra 16.1 (M070)



·   Windchill 10.2 (M030) and (CPS1) includes PDMLink, ProjectLink, PDM Essentials, Pro/INTRALINK, Service Information Manager & Service Parts

·    Windchill Service Information Manager S1000D Module 10.2 (M030)

·    Windchill PLM Connector 10.2 (M030)

·   Windchill Product Analytics 10.3 includes Materials, Substances & Compliance

·   PTC System Monitor 4.0

·   FlexPLM 10.2 (M030)

·   Windchill Quality Solutions 10.2 (M050) formerly Relex


·   Servigistics Knowledge & Diagnostics 5.6 (M010)

·   Service Network Management 11.0.1

·   Servigistics Parts Pricing & Parts Management

·   Servigistics Field Service 10.7.5

·   Servigistics Warranty & Contract Management (4.1) - Service Suite, formerly 4CS

·   Major Release! Servigistics InService 6.1


·   Arbortext Editor, Styler, & Architect 6.1 (M050) & SPR Fixes

·   Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.0 (M030)

·   Arbortext Content Manager 10.2 (M030)

·   Arbortext Digital Media Publisher 6.1 (M050)

·   Arbortext for Aerospace & Defense (S1000D/S2000M) 4.4 M110

·   IsoDraw & IsoView 7.3 M040

·   Major Release! Integrity 10.7

·   Implementer 11.1

·   Major Release! Mathcad Prime 3.1 - now integrated with PTC Creo 3.0 M030 and forward

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the Latest Release Today!


PTC Windchill FlexPLM 10.2 (M030) is Now Released! 

This release introduces new features closely aligning FlexPLM and PDMLink configuration features and data to extend retail PLM functionality to product engineering companies with SKU management needs. New features combine product line planning, packaging and labeling development, and SKU configuration management with traditional engineering data management capabilities. 

The new configuration capabilities in PTC Windchill FlexPLM 10.2 will also benefit retail customers by providing them easier and more powerful ways to represent their business data model.  This new version also provides a set of usability improvements within the palette, line board, and measurements modules.

For full release details, click here.

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New_imageCritical Patch Set (CPS1) for PTC Windchill 10.2 M030


Click here for the release notes on CPS1 for PTC Windchill 10.2 M030.

REMINDER: Beginning with the 10.2 release, PTC Windchill Core platform products (including PTC Windchill PDM Link, Project Link, Pro/INTALINK, Service Information Manager, Service Parts, and PDM Essentials) are supported by monthly software releases called Critical Patch Sets (CPS) in addition to the traditional maintenance releases (such as  PTC Windchill10.2 M030). Each CPS also includes regular security updates.


Now you can easily deploy regular, cumulative updates with only critical fixes into your production environments with minimal IT effort and no need to retrain users. To learn more about CPS’, click here.

For additional information on the M030 release, please  visit:
·      PTC Windchill What’s New for 10.2 M030

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PTC Integrity 10.7 Improves End User & Admin Productivity

The PTC Integrity 10.7 release addresses critical issues and customer enhancements to requirements, test, and configuration management features in addition to Integrity deployment and administration.


Top enhancements include:

·         Deliver software more continuously

·         Reduce learning curve when moving from Open Source alternatives

·         Streamline Workflow, Documentation and Administrative processes

·         and more!

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New_imagePTC Servigistics Knowledge and Diagnostics 5.6 F000 Now Available


This release brings additional platform support and fixes to the latest release of the Servigistics Knowledge and Diagnostics product.  Key improvements delivered with release 5.6 include:

·         Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4

·         Support for the ThingWorx 5.3 Platform

·         Improved database performance

·         As well as over 150 bug fixes and improvements with the 5.6 F000 release


For more details, visit:

·         5.6 F000 Release Notes

·         Software Matrices

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New_imageIntroducing PTC PLM Cloud - SaaS product lifecycle management (PLM) for small and mid-sized companies!


Based on PTC Windchill, PTC PLM Cloud instantly provides product companies with a broad set of PLM and CAD capabilities in a secure cloud environment. The PTC PLM Cloud is designed to enable team collaboration and product data sharing - accelerating product development and team coordination across the globe.

  • Deliver projects on-time with proven product development capabilities.
  • Minimize IT complexity and cost with a certified and secure cloud infrastructure
  • Accelerate time to value with an instantly deployable product
  • Reduce product issues with an online, automated change process

Click here to learn more!



Upcoming LIVE Demo Webinars That You Do Not Want to Miss!


Join PTC experts in these upcoming LIVE Demo Webinars aimed to improve your skills and address your needs with PTC Creo View, PTC Windchill Compliance and PTC Integrity.


·   PLM Admins and Users

·   Project Managers and Process Architects for all PTC Product Families

·   CAD Users, Design Review leads and CAD Managers

Space is limited - Register Today!

PTC Tech Tips Webinars - Exclusively for Creo Support Customers!

TechTips CalendarRegister today for LIVE Support entitled Tech Tip webinars. Learn advanced tips & techniques and ask your questions directly to PTC's top product experts!

MNT_Nov2012_PTCLiveGlobalPTC Live Global 2015 - Call for Presentations!

PTC Live Global 2015 will be held in Nashville, TN from June 7-10. We are currently seeking candidates to present on topics related to Support Services.

Why present? All PTC Live Global presenters will receive a complimentary full-conference registration pass and more!

Arrow with spaceLearn more and submit your request by May 1, 2015!

New_imageExclusive to Active Support Customers! - Mathcad E-Books Conversion Scripts for PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1


The Mathcad e-Books are a collection of 8 Mathcad worksheets from versions 15.0 and earlier.  The eBooks are legacy content that is easily converted to the new Mathcad Prime architecture and worksheet format.

Benefits include:

·        Easily convert your own copy of the E-books with a built in converter. It puts a new file (without modifying the original) now in a MCDX format, ready for Mathcad Prime 3.1.

·        Use pre-built scripts to convert table of content files to HTML and launch worksheets from a browser. If you built your own e-Books, you can also easily modify scripts using Notepad.


Click here for more details and to download the Mathcad e-Books!

Creo events4 Ways to Advance Your Knowledge with PTC Creo!

Whether you are a new or advanced PTC Creo user, we can help you understand product benefits and how to best use specific features quickly:

1.  Learn “Best Practices” using specific features - Exclusive to Support customers!

·   TechTip Webcasts with LIVE interaction or replays

2.  Get to know PTC Creo through broad product overviews

·   Find a hands-on event near you!

3.  Learn quick “How To’s” and see a new feature

·   Short feature videos in the LearningExchange

4.  PTC Creo Help Center - Beginner Tutorials

·    Introduction to PTC Creo Parametric

·    Introduction to PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener (IFX)

·    Introduction to PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension

·    Introduction to PTC Creo Simulate

·    Optimize Your PTC Creo Design with Engineering Notebook Powered by PTC Mathcad

New_imagePTC System Monitor 4.0 Makes it Easier for Administrators to Monitor, Diagnose, and Service PTC Applications!


The key highlights include:

·      Improved upgrade process

·      Support for MPMLink, PartsLink and Options and Variants Transactions

·      Support for Windchill Quality Solutions, Service Knowledge Management and InService

·      dynaTrace Production Edition release 6.1

PTC System Monitor 4.0 now also supports additional PTC products, such as PTC Windchill Quality Solutions and Servigistics Knowledge and Diagnostics. For more details see the What’s New Guide.

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Administrators! Enhance your PTC System Monitor Visibility - Ensure Your End Users Are Happy!

Dynatrace User Experience Management (UEM) provides Windchill administrators and business owners, unprecedented visibility into the true end-user experience. Understand and manage application performance through deep, fact-based insight for end-user experience inside the browser. For your free trial of UEM, click here.

Evaluate the Performance of PTC Creo 3.0 on Your Hardware!


SPEC, the leading provider of benchmark software for engineering and computing professionals, has developed new software that can be used to evaluate performance of workstations running PTC Creo 3.0.  PTC cooperated with the SPEC Application Performance Characterization (SPECapc) group to create and test this benchmark.


Download the current SPECapc for PTC Creo 3.0 on the SPEC/GWPG website!