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PTC Implementer 11.2 has released!
Delivering a secure, scalable and flexible solution to protect your production, development, and testing environments on IBM i® servers
PTC Implementer is the leading change management solution for the IBM i® available on the market today. Utilizing host-based and graphical user interfaces, it provides developers and IT managers with a feature-rich and easy to use environment that speeds development by managing and streamlining critical development processes.
New Features, Fixes & Enhancements delivered with Implementer 11.2:
  • Optionally capture changes to Administration Data Files in Implementer and provide report of the changes for auditing purposes.
  • Request Comments panel now has F3 and F12 functionality to allow the user to return to the Create Request panel without processing the request.
  • SQL source members up to 256,000 characters in size are now supported (increased from 64,000).
  • SQL Views containing Common Table Expressions (CTE) no longer fail during promotion.
  • SQL tables with primary keys will now promote correctly when the entire primary key list is changed and/or fields within the primary key list are dropped/renamed within the table. Primary key changes will now be propagated forward during promotion when the same number of key fields exist in the changed table.
  • Implementer Update now allows saving of the ISO image for uploads to other systems.
  • Implementer Update downloads the product documentation from the IBMi IFS to your local workstation.
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