Ease integration of UNIX, Linux and Windows-based computers with PTC MKS Toolkit products, and easily accomplish all your UNIX/Windows OS Integration Tasks with PTC X/Server
With PTC MKS Toolkit as the leader in UNIX to Window scripting, connectivity, and application migration, and PTC X/Server as a high-performance, transparent PC X server that delivers seamless integration between the Windows desktop and the UNIX/Linux – together they improve performance and support the latest standards while maximizing application compatibility and minimizing the need for specialized configurations.
The latest release delivers the following new features and enhancements:
  Full Windows 10 Compatibility - Official releases for compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10
  Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Support - Compatible with the final release versions of
      Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Express (also known as Visual
      C++ 14.0 Express)

  • An updated version of the UNIX to Windows Porting Guide with instructions on using the Visual Studio 2015 and Visual C++ 2015 Express IDEs is included
  X11 Support Upgraded
  • For PTC MKS Toolkit. The X11 client libraries and utilities were upgraded to X11R7.7 to pick up numerous bug fixes and also to pick up fixes for the problems noted in this X.Org security advisory
  • For PTC X/Server. Upgraded server to X11R7.5 to provide more compatibility with more modern clients. New extensions are now available, including COMPOSITE and DAMAGE. Numerous extensions have been upgraded and several obsolete extensions have been removed, including LBX, XIE and MIT-Misc. Further X11 upgrades are intended in subsequent releases 
  New Firewall Configuration - Settings which appear in the installer dialogs now only apply to
      the "Private" and "Domain" profiles. For increased security, Firewall rules now block all  
      connections to MKS Toolkit and X/Server services when using a "Public" profile. Rules can be 
      adjusted as required.

  OpenSSL Updated to Version 1.0.1p for PTC MKS Toolkit - OpenSSL in both the 
      NuTCRACKER platform and the utilities are updated to 1.0.1p
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Technical Support Notice:
The process for contacting Technical Support has changed. You may contact PTC Technical Support in the same way as all other PTC products and take advantage of all that the PTC eSupport Portal has to offer. Please visit http://support.ptc.com for more information about contact phone numbers, web forms for problem submission and access to the knowledgebase